Thursday, April 26, 2012

Today in Conservative Outrage Over Nothing

No, Virginia, the Obama Administration is not trying
to prevent kids from taking care of the goats on their
family's farm.
Apparently the Daily Caller tried to work everyone into a tizzy over new Department of Labor rules governing child labor on farms. The conservative house organ tried to depict the new rule as preventing kids from working on their family farm or participating in 4-H and FFA activities. In reality, the rule explicitly exempts children working on their parents' farms and only governs "employment", not non-employment situations such as the 4-H and FFA. In case you were wondering.

I often wonder how many of these ridiculous freakouts fly completely past me because I don't expose myself to right-wing media outlets that often. Then I realize that learning about every single molehill that had been turned into Mount Everest wouldn't increase anyone's quality of life.

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