Friday, July 1, 2011

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number Way To Engage In Subtle Discrimination

Naomi Cohn's story of going from unemployed to underemployed in two years contains what I think is one of the more underreported aspects of the Little Depression:
Like my readers, despite my persistence, I could not find a job. In all that time, I had about half a dozen interviews. Most of them were conducted by men who were significantly younger than me. Some of my interviewers asked questions that revealed their possibly unconscious age discrimination. One, for example, asked nonchalantly, "so, how old are your kids?" It was clear in most of the interviews that they were looking for someone with whom they would feel comfortable socially -- and a fifty-two-year-old woman was not that person.
this particular problem facing many of the jobless has been more or less ignored by our political discourse. And yet it still exists.
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