Monday, May 13, 2013

A Reminder

During the height of America's long national nightmare
of journalistic obsession with the Lewinsky affair, the press corps
wasted not just President Clinton's time but also that of Prime
Minister Tony Blair. I suspect we will be treated to another
round of this "spectacle" today.
Today is a very good day to re-read "Why Americans Hate the Media" by James Fallows. Especially if you have written anything on either Benghazi or the IRS's investigations into right-leaning 501c4 organizations, or if there's an off chance you might ask a question during the Obama-Cameron joint press conference.

Gallup's polling on the most important issue facing America shows that, as is often the case, the economy is towards the top. But if you got your news from a typical political reporter, you'd think the most pressing issues in the country were, in some order: Benghazi, immigration, and potential impropriety at the IRS, with gun violence somewhere on the back burner.

If an alien scouting mission landed on Earth today and read the news, they would report back "no need to invade. Wait a decade or two and civilization will destroy itself."

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