Thursday, June 27, 2013

Texas Republicans for Birth Defects & Genetic Diseases

Wendy Davis deserves a lot of credit for exposing the total
obliviousness of Rick Perry et al.
To repeat what I said when Arkansas passed a similar bill, pregnancy is unpleasant. In the grand scheme of human suffering it's not the worst thing in the world, but morning sickness, sleep deprivation, constant low-grade soreness, and the risk of other serious complications are not something you endure for twelve or twenty weeks unless you are trying to have a child. Women who choose to terminate the pregnancy in the late second or early third trimester tend to do so upon learning that the fetus has birth defects or genetic diseases that are either outright lethal or would lead to an extremely low quality of life. Many of these tests cannot be performed until the pregnancy has progressed to a certain point. The primary genetic screening, for instance, can't be done until week 16, and followup tests are needed to confirm actual genetic diseases. Demanding that women carry such a fetus to term, only to have it live for little or no time outside the womb, is patently ridiculous.

Read, for instance, Judy Nicastro's personal story on the topic.

(CC photo courtesy of Equality Texas)

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