Monday, May 17, 2010

On The Road

Lately I've been travelling around giving talks on my research -- hence the lack of posts. At this point, I've flown from London to Boston, and I'll be taking the train down to DC on Tuesday and back up in the wee hours of Friday morning. Then there's a talk on my research at Tufts up here in Boston (May 21), a conference in St. Louis (May 23-25), a bit of train travel around Illinois to present research, San Francisco in the beginning of June, then more Illinois talks. What happens after that is a bit murky, but there will be a trip to Austin and July will be mostly in the UK.

Some of our commenters have been influential in getting me to fly a bit less and train a bit more for environmental reasons. Obviously since I live in Singapore, work stuff and family obligations require me to fly a lot, but I do what I can. I'm hoping I come out ahead just by not owning a car and instead using the wonderful Singaporean mass transit system. Usually not eating mammals or birds helps too.
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