Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If You Need To Get Depressed For Some Reason, Read This

Today my friend Sarah, who's just finished residency to become a pediatrician in Texas, told me about a 15-year-old girl she knew from the hospital who needed a bone marrow transplant. Her condition was such that you could keep her alive for a while through frequent blood transplants, but this wasn't a permanent solution, and it raised the risk of her immune system rejecting the bone marrow if a transplant eventually did occur. She had lived in America since age 1, but since she was born in Mexico, she wasn't a citizen and was ineligible for Medicaid. Sarah said the girl's best option was to commit a crime and fall into the prison system. There was a chance she'd get deported, but there was also a fair chance the prison system would take care of her and give her the transplant.

I asked Sarah what became of the girl. She didn't know, but she said that the girl was probably dead by now.
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