Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Year For Plain Blog

Jonathan Bernstein's "Plain Blog About Politics" just celebrated its first birthday, and he kindly thanked us for blogrolling him early.

There's a lot of useful knowledge sitting on dusty attic shelves in the ivory tower. (Obviously, there's also a bunch of useless stuff and bad ideas.) I'm really happy when someone who's spent their life learning an issue inside-out in the careful and focused way typical of academia delivers useful knowledge about that issue to all of us. Jonathan has a Ph.D in political science and knows more about how legislative dynamics have historically worked than anybody else you're likely to read on the internet, and that's what you get from him every day.

The stuff I do in philosophy is much further removed from politics, though on rare occasion I can bring philosophy to bear in a useful way. I wish my knowledge were more relevant than it is. Jonathan is living the dream.

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