Friday, August 6, 2010

There's A Bright Side And It Already Happened

Everything in Josh Marshall's "on the bright side" post is right. Even if we lose the House in November, we'll have passed some wonderful stuff. Health care reform is the big thing, and I'm also happy about financial reform. You win elections so you can do stuff, and we got our money's worth of stuff. We didn't deal with climate change, and I disagree with Nate Silver's optimism on that front -- anything that depends on the Republican Party becoming smart technocrats and appreciating the need for more revenue will fail. But getting health care reform through made everything worthwhile.

Of course, I wish there were some kind of story about how we could keep control of the House this November. I wish people would pay attention to nonpartisan economic forecasters who say Obama's stimulus bill (which all the Republicans voted against) kept us out of a horrific depression. I wish Republicans weren't taking the convenient opportunity to be hardliners about their ridiculous pro-misery domestic spending views, so that they could generate more economic adversity and more votes against the party in power.

I don't wish for a pony, because I know that Singapore is no place for one.
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