Monday, June 8, 2015

New Blog!

Thanks to all the Donkeylicious readers who have followed us over the years! Those who are interested in more posts by me might enjoy my new blog at It'll have some political content like you saw here, plus some philosophy posts. There will also be random trivia about cool stuff, and music on Fridays.

Thanks also to Nick for being a wonderful co-blogger. Our complementary skills and fundamentally similar outlook are what any team of comic book heroes needs for success. If the creation of more happiness for everyone requires that we someday blog together again, I'll be among the happy ones.

- Neil Sinhababu

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fox News And Paris Muslim No-Go Zones

If I ran a cable channel devoted to misinforming Americans about other countries, I'd spread whimsical false beliefs instead of terrifying ones. Like, maybe in Paris there are Muslim Pogo Zones where everyone bounces to work during Ramadan!

I guess the trouble is that people might go to Paris to see wacky things that aren't real, and lose their money. But that would still be better than going to Iraq to protect us from nuclear threats that aren't real, and losing their lives.