Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daughters Of Republican Presidential Nominees: The Swing Voters Of 2010!

I like this thing with GOP presidential nominees' daughters turning leftwards. (The latest: young Barbara Bush supports Obamacare. (BTW, should Democrats embrace the name 'Obamacare'? I don't see why not.)) You've also got Meghan McCain, and going back to older times, Patti Reagan, who I always found quite intriguing.

Obviously, the conclusion I want to draw is that progressive views are the natural outcome of rational reflection on how the world should be, and their merits are especially obvious to young women, even those raised in the very center of Republican power.


8 Points said...

What I hear from a lot of institutional liberals is that they hate the term Obamacare, for two reasons:

1. It is part of the GOP slurs, and they are naturally repulsive. Even the idea that this came about because of one man's design is wrongly totalitarian.

2. Obama had fairly little to do with the long term momentum behind the bill, the medium term politics, and the specific details of the bill.

Neil Sinhababu said...

I feel the ickiness of 1.

I agree with 2, but ReidPelosiCare is a bit clunky, and anyway Obama has the best approval numbers of any top Dem. So as a marketing point, let's give the right-wingers the word they're dumbly using.

Reid said...

I can't find the quote, but I believe that PJ O'Roarke said something like: "Want to know where politics will be in 20 years? Go to where the pretty girls are."