Thursday, August 9, 2012

Protecting Against Online Identity Theft with Lastpass

Sup, dawg. I heard you like passwords, so I put a password on your password so you can protect yourself while you protect yourself.

It sounds like something that belongs in an XZibit imagemacro, but it turns out that having One Password To Rule Them All is a pretty good idea. There are many tools out there to track your passwords -- browsers have been saving passwords for years, and recently Chrome has started storing passwords in your google profile so that you can use them from any computer as long as you're both using Chrome and logged in to Google -- but there are several third-party apps that help you remember passwords. Some of them provide extras like the ability to automatically log in (not just fill in the username & password, but go the additional step of hitting "Sign in"), and automatically generating random passwords for each site. I had been meaning to do this last step, but hadn't gotten around to it until that Wired article hammered the point home. Every site needs its own password, but no one can realistically remember that many passwords. I had already been using Lastpass to store passwords, so I just took about half an hour to change my password at every site I could think of.

Lastpass is free on the desktop and costs $12/year for the mobile version. It's worth every penny in my book.

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