Sunday, February 15, 2009

Get Your Rock On

We're not quite sure how this is going to work, but if anyone who's planning on playing Rock Band 2 with us today doesn't have a headset, you can use this "live blog" as a chat window.


Anonymous said...

That went well.

Now if only I could figure out why it wouldn't let me join, we'd have the answer to the $64 question.

Anonymous said...

If you're using a router or some other device with a built-in firewall, you may want to make sure you have the correct port forwarding settings.

Unfortunately, the old dashboard used to display what NAT type you'd have but the NXE has removed that for some reason.

Follow the instructions in the following URL and that should improve things.

It could also be an issue with your ISP. Possibly check with them since some ISPs can actually block ports on their end.

Also, weren't you trying to use the drums? The game will prevent you from joining if you're logged in using an instrument that is already filled up. So it could be just that simple.