Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik And Osama Bin Laden

I imagine that Osama Bin Laden would've been absolutely tickled by the Norway massacre if he had been alive. I'm sure he saw 9/11 as the beginning of a big cycle of brown people killing white people and white people killing brown people. And sure, there'd be some brown people killing brown people in there too, because that's how a big military conflict in Afghanistan or Pakistan or Iraq is going to go. But a terrorist who looks like Draco Malfoy's uncle killing white Norwegians? Nifty.

Sorry for focusing on something trivial -- it's just that as a blogger I try not to tell people what they're already thinking, and there's not much I can add to your appreciation of the abject horror of so many young people being brutally murdered.


Herman von Doppleganger said...

In fact, lots of 'brown' people have been killed by Islamic fundamentalists in Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood was founded and in Pakistan where the ISI has repeatedly turned a blind eye to the murders of trades union activists by clerical fascists. The danger here is that the press is keen to turn this into the act of a lone madman rather than political murder. Hitler was also a madman but he had similar political motives to Breivik.

Toast said...

At this point, any time I don't get a cultural reference I should just assume it has to do with Harry Potter.