Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Worst Movie-Like Thing Ever

This anti-Muslim film that is triggering chaos around the world seems to be the worst thing in the history of movies. It was only shown once to the public in a theater under the misspelled title "Innocence of Bn Laden", with about ten people present. The producer had previously been convicted of bank fraud and running a meth lab. The crude anti-Muslim slurs were not in the original script but were added in overdubbing, and all the cast members now repudiate the film. The public response, of course, has been terrible, with religious fanatics murdering innocent people. On top of that, everybody from the New Republic to the New York Daily News to Salman Rushdie says the film is just pointlessly bad.

I doubt that any movie ever made has had so much awfulness going on.  I guess it could be saved from being the worst movie ever if you don't consider it a legitimate movie, but that's about it.  

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Glenn Fayard said...

Manos: The Hand of Fate. Redeemed after all these years.