Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Do We Want? Slightly Stronger Regulation of Insurance Exchanges! When Do We Want It? At Some Negotiable Point In The Future!

@ezraklein: 'RT @annaedney "Obama trying to woo liberals by giving biologic drugmakers 10 years of exclusive marketing rights rather than 12"'

This is why people organized around the public option but "ignored" the rest of the bill. Because nobody's going to write a song about the rest of the bill, and its various new regulations and/or deregulations of pieces of the health care system. Taken together, they amount to a great deal of movement in the right direction. But there's no one thing that anyone could latch onto. Even "expanding the subsidies" is an amorphous concept. How do you pick the point at which you say the "more subsidy" team has won? You can't. At least with the public option, there's a clear sense of victory or defeat.

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