Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Have The Power -- Senate Remix

Time to do this again.

The House claims they would be willing to pass the Senate bill if the Senate agrees to make some fixes via reconciliation. So, once again, it's up to the World's Laziest Deliberative Body, where a single Senator can announce his objections to a nomination based on ancillary policy issues, and everyone just sort of lets it happen. The Internet has a list of Senate phone numbers, and for a little jujitsu, Conservative USA has a list of fax numbers. Be polite, incorporate any way in which HCR would affect you or your family directly, but don't be afraid to say that this is important to you. And there's no organized effort here ... we're all just concerned citizens who have been reading about the health care bill in the news and on blogs and such.

These people aren't going to do anything unless we make them do it. Pass. The. Damn. Bill.
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