Sunday, January 16, 2011

You Can't Download This In Asia

I started an eMusic subscription when I lived in the States. My subscription still works fine from Singapore, but before I log in I get the weird message at right. I get similar stuff on YouTube and other video sites a lot -- videos sometimes won't play if the user IP address is in Singapore. Tech-savvy friends of mine have established IP proxy accounts in the USA to deal with this sort of thing.

I don't have a good sense for why this is happening -- do they think Singapore is a den of piracy or something? It's really not. The rest of Southeast Asia can be all yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, but as with many other things Singapore is a place where laws are obeyed at least as well as in the USA.

eMusic, by the way, is a pretty good deal, though it seems that the way the plans are structured are constantly changing. Before I was getting an excellent bargain on a narrow selection of (non-DRM) music, but then prices went up while the size of the collection increased. Now I'm getting a pretty good deal on a wider selection -- 9.99 per month buys me about an album and a half. I liked the earlier deal a bit better, since they were pretty good on obscure Irish and Scottish folk songs that I like. I don't know whether I'll renew at the end of the year, but at worst it's been a pretty good deal while it lasted.
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