Sunday, September 18, 2011

Today in "Pop Culture Reference Other Bloggers Missed": Epistimology of Reading Edition

Spencer Ackerman and Wired's Danger Room recently broke the story of some rather jingoistic training material at the FBI, which the Agency has since claimed is no longer in active circulation. Naturally, reporting this sort of story brought out the unreconstructed id of the Internet, admonishing Spencer to "Read the Koran". Spencer posted a fantastic rejoinder, which everyone should read. he ends with this bit:
Those who tell you, in an accusatory tone, to "read the Koran," will never have read the Koran. They will perhaps have scanned words that the Koran contains. But they will never have read it. What a shame that they don't understand the difference.
Perhaps Spencer's interlocutors might understand the difference if they watched White Men Can't Jump.

(For those who haven't seen the movie, by the end, Snipes thinks that Harrelson can "hear Jimmy", perhaps through Harrelson's growth as a person).

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