Tuesday, April 10, 2012

And Thus Begins The Stupidest Season

Actual quote from WSJ's Washington Wire:
As Rick Santorum exits the presidential race, attention will turn more to Mitt Romney’s choice of running mate. And the latest name to get significant buzz in Washington is Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio.

It’s a media boomlet that could be wrong, especially this far in advance, and it’s based on speculation rather than on inside knowledge. But ...
No. No "But". Just stop right there. Media insiders think Rob Portman might be VP. End of news item. Actually, don't even go that far. Once you write the fragment "it's based on speculation rather than inside knowledge", it should be clear that you would be providing your readers with a more useful service if you were to close your laptop, head to the nearest public park, and enjoy the nice weather. Why not do that instead?

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low-tech cyclist said...

Portman's such a gray suit that something like 40% of Ohioans don't have an opinion about him. He would check the "won't outshine Romney" box in the list of desired veep qualifications, but that's about it.

And given that there are so many real stories that the media cover quite poorly, you've gotta wonder why they waste their time on crap like this. Like you say, it does less of a service to the public than if they took the day off.