Saturday, April 7, 2012

White And Black Racists Discuss Asians

It's a big day for racism, as John Derbyshire writes an article laying out racist things that white and Asian parents should teach their kids about black people, and Marion Barry tells Asian shopkeepers to get out of town.

Asian people, specifically East Asians, are a focus of attention in both cases. They're seen unlike black people and (especially with Derbyshire) closer to white people. With the passage of time, minority groups that attain higher social status in America are seen as more like whites, until eventually they're not seen as a separate race at all. East Asians seem to be on a swift path to that outcome.

I wonder what the role of immigrants from the Indian subcontinent will be in all this. We're dark enough in coloring that it'll be harder to see us simply as another kind of white people. At the same time, our racial stereotypes are pretty good, as far as these things go. As with East Asians, the stereotype isn't "likely to commit crimes" but "good at math." At least until we intermarry into the rest of the culture so fully that we can no longer be identified as a separate group, we'll be disrupting the correlation between whiteness of skin and whiteness in the "Stuff White People Like" sense. I guess that's kind of neat.
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