Monday, April 9, 2012

Fox Calls Neo-Nazis "Civil Rights Group"

Pam Spaulding and ThinkProgress are all over Fox News' presentation of the National Socialist Movement as a "Civil rights group." Fox changed the headline to "white rights" shortly afterward, as if that was a good way to describe them.

It's not like the ideology of the National Socialist Movement is difficult to identify. This isn't some group of neo-Nazis that called themselves the Munich Eggplant Lovers Association to confuse people. It's right there in the name -- "Nazi" is a contraction for the German word Nationalsozialist. Outside of India and a few other places where the terms mean other things, "National Socialist" is a term Nazis use for themselves. This group admires Hitler and flies the swastika, as the linked posts show.

I'm usually one to look on the bright side, so let me point out something good that could come of this. If we can get the "Hitler is awesome!" right-wingers together with the "Obama is Hitler!" right-wingers, maybe they'll convince each other, draw the rational inference, and vote for Obama in November.
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