Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We Still Love You, Jennifer Brunner

Ohio Lt. Gov Lee Fisher has defeated Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner 55-45 in the Democratic Senate primary.

I donated to Brunner's Secretary of State campaign in 2006 because I wanted her to oversee Ohio's presidential elections in 2008. She did a good job, especially in making sure that the one-stop voting window where you could register and vote early on the same day was observed. It helped Obama a lot -- the campaign did a lot of events on college campuses that week, assembling large masses of college students who had never voted before, registering them, and immediately getting them to vote.

I didn't donate to her primary campaign this time, partly because I didn't want to lose her so fast at Secretary of State, and partly because Lee Fisher seemed good too from what I could tell. But if she's up against serious opposition in her re-election campaign I'll definitely be willing to help out there. Knowledgeable Ohio readers are particularly encouraged to advise me.

Update: D'oh! Unfortunately, she's leaving the SoS office. I hope Maryellen O'Shaughnessy is good.


yoyo said...

I live in ohio. i didn't care enough between them to get out of my apartment and actually vote. I did buy some mussels, since i wondered if it gulf oil slick is going to mess up shellfish supply.

Somehow i got my email on her mailing list. I guess it kind of sucks to send out 100 emails and not manage to hit any triggers.

Neil Sinhababu said...

I was on the mailing list too, and I felt the same way.

Cheri said...

When Jennifer decided to run for Senate, she gave up her chance to run for re-election.