Monday, February 14, 2011

Lucy and the Football

Scotch on the rocks is the appropriate response to the budget debate
My general take on the Republican message is "Barack Obama should have come out for even more politically unpopular cuts -- so that we could oppose them."

In general, we're now having a debate between two parties about how deep the cuts should go, and what should get cut. It's true that eliminating the $46 billion in oil & gas tax credits dwarfs the cuts in LIHEAP subsidies, Pell Grants, and the like, but the frame of the debate does not leave room for much inspiration.

Sadly, it's not yet noon in Seattle, so I don't think the bars have opened.


wsn said...

(1) This will be an essential piece of equipment until at least the next election.

(2) I wonder how much Obama is paying his political advisers.

janinsanfran said...

With you on this. Why do we bother?