Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Steve Jobs Abortion Argument

Right-wing blogger Tigerhawk notes this anti-abortion Washington Times article asking how things would've been if Steve Jobs had been aborted. Tigerhawk says a bunch of things cautioning conservatives away from this line of argument.

One thing I'd add is that if the "Don't abort, or we might lose a Steve Jobs" argument works, so does the "Don't abstain from sex, or we might lose a Steve Jobs" argument. This isn't specifically an anti-abortion argument -- it's just an argument in favor of making more people by whatever means necessary. I don't think that anybody really wants to go where this argument would take them.

It does have the distinction of being a bad argument that could turn itself into a bad pickup line.

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Anonymous said...

I took my genius son on college tours this summer, and specifically kept Brown off the list, even though Brown was one of the first schools to send him solicitation materials after he received his SAT scores. He has higher SATs than the average Brown freshman for last year, but I won't let the soul of my beloved son get hurt by the cold hearts at Brown. I read about your university's violent response the the pro-marriage protesters about 2 months ago. Your future fellow alumni are known by their hate.