Sunday, May 6, 2012

Summer Travel Plans

As the last couple posts have indicated, I'm in Europe!  So let me fill you in on my summer travel plans to Europe and the USA, just in case you want to hang out and I'm there.

May 5-7: Strasbourg, France
May 7-9: Erfurt, Germany
May 9-12: Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
May ?-18: Berlin, Germany
May 19: New Jersey
May 20-22: St. Louis
May 22-26: Illinois
May 26-31: DC
May 31-June 2: Portland
June 3-28: SF
June 28-July 6: New York
July 7-11: ??
July 11-18: Oxford, UK
July 18-20: Naples, Italy
July 20-26: Salou, Spain
July 26-Aug 7: Bumming around Europe

Some of this is for conferences and lectures, but some of it is just me hanging out in neat places.  

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