Monday, January 28, 2013

"Very Important And Difficult Work"

Ezra has a list of five interesting things in the new bipartisan immigration reform framework.  This one is number 2, and I liked it:

“Individuals who have been working without legal status in the United States agricultural industry have been performing very important and difficult work to maintain America’s food supply while earning subsistence wages. Due to the utmost importance in our nation maintaining the safety of its food supply, agricultural workers who commit to the long term stability of our nation’s agricultural industries will be treated differently than the rest of the undocumented population.”

Now, I don't know what exactly 'treated differently' means, and it'd be great to help all the dishwashers and janitors too. And there aren't details yet because it's just a framework, and who knows if anything can pass the House. But if the recognition of the importance of agricultural labor is a sign that things will get better for farmworkers, that's wonderful.

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