Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Internet Fast: Week 2

We're actually halfway through Week Three, but I thought I'd tell the world how things feel so far.

  • I barely miss Twitter at all. I'm seriously tempted to keep Twitter in write-only mode (i.e. only use it to post links to blog posts) once Easter arrives.
  • I miss the "tier II and lower" blogs less and less, except for Brad DeLong and to a lesser extent Lawyers, Guns, and Money.
  • I'm having a harder and harder time staying off the forums I use, especially those where I know other posters in person.
  • Read books has become a more fulfilling form of bus entertainment than quick hits like blog posts, forums, or Twitter. I'm not sure that this feeling is permanent, or if it's merely because book-reading is novel (rimshot) to me right now.
  • Tablets turn out to be a useful device more than a time-wasting gadget. You can certainly use a tablet to waste time, but it's fairly easy to restrict your usage of it to situations where you have a specific task you're working on, like cooking dinner or taking notes.
  • The smartphone, on the other hand, is way less useful if you're anywhere that you can sit down. About the only "real" use I get out of it is navigation and grocery lists. The rest is just filling idle time in a place where I can't settle down with the table.
  • As I mentioned before, less Internet time-wasting has led to more TV-watching. But after watching a truly awful back-to-back of Bones and Castle, which are usually good clean fun but have produced some real stinker episodes in their later years, we're thinking about cutting back. I suppose a different alternative would be to find better TV than Bones and Castle.
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Greg Hao said...

I feel the same way re: Castle. They really jumped the shark with the introduction of the James Brolin character. It was kind of interesting to see the way the Castle/Beckett relationship develop but this latest arc is beyond lame.