Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm not even to page thirty of the two hundred sixty-three page report from the Senate Armed Services Committee, which is closer to a Tom Clancy novel than reality ought to be. But let me just say that it appears that while a significant number of career bureaucrats raised various objections, the widespread use of torture required the collusion of an awful lot of very sick people.

It's also worth pointing out that the SACS memo probably means that we don't know the full story behind the "good faith legal advice" given to the CIA. We know that CIA's General Counsel received a memo from the OLC authorizing waterboarding. But we have no visibility into CIA's internal deliberations on the legality of waterboarding.

Oh, and almost goes without saying: Disbar John Yoo. Disbar Jay Bybee. Impeach Jay Bybee. Do it now. I've been something of a wet in terms of punishment, but we can't just let these people waltz back into polite society after these perversion of the law and basic morality.

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