Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Specter Of Defe... Everybody Uses That Title, I'll Just Post A Magic Card

I knew things were looking dicey for Arlen Specter. But a 51-30 deficit to Pat Toomey in the GOP primary? Okay, Rasmussen has recently shifted towards being the niche pollster of the crazy right, but I didn't expect Specter to be down by three touchdowns. Maybe an indy run would be better than staying with the GOP after all. Pennsylvania ballot laws don't allow you to Lieberman your way out of losing a primary and run as an independent, so if Toomey beats him, he's done.

Of course, going over to the other side and becoming a good Democrat would basically guarantee his survival. But after what he did to card check, I doubt there's any reasonable way to call the fire trucks to that bridge in time.
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