Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Democrats For Life Boots Tim Ryan For Supporting Contraception

Within the spectrum of pro-life groups, I used to think reasonably well of Democrats for Life. The big political figure associated with the group was Congressman Tim Ryan, who was much more about reducing the number of abortions by making sure everyone had contraception than about banning abortion. But now Democrats for Life appears to have booted Ryan out for exactly that reason:

“We’re working in Congress with groups that agree with preventative options while [the DFLA] is getting left behind,” Ryan said. “I can’t figure out for the life of me how to stop pregnancies without contraception. Don’t be mad at me for wanting to solve the problem.”

Ryan said he tried to convince officials with Democrats For Life of America, which he referred to today as a “fringe group,” that the use of contraception is needed as part of any plan to reduce unintended pregnancies but that failed.

“They asked me to leave; I got booted,” said Ryan, who was on the group’s national advisory board for about four years.

Via Jill at Feministe. This drops the number of anti-abortion pro-contraception groups I'm aware of to zero.
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