Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama Will Veto The F-22

Obama has threatened to veto the 2010 defense authorization bill if it contains money to buy extra F-22 fighter jets. That's a pretty awesome line in the sand, and it's being drawn against an incredibly expensive plane that was designed to one-up a Soviet plane that never existed and never will exist. Big thanks to Robert Gates and the financial wizard shop at OMB for pushing Obama to take this position.

I liked the line that Jon Soltz of VoteVets fame uncorked when debating Rep. Phil Gingrey about the plane: "It’s about how we spend our money. The Congressman cares about the Lockheed Martin stock price, and I care about the men and women who fight on the ground. And this weapon system does nothing for us."

If you want that last point in sophisticated think-tank speak, you can take it from these guys.

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