Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Put That In Your Flex-Fuel Engine And Burn It!

Steven Chu, the second-highest ranking nerd in the Obama administration*, now has his own Facebook page. Already he's posted such useful things as this two minute clip on a UIUC demonstration project to grow plants that produce fifteen times the amount of ethanol that an equivalent plot of corn would produce:

Obviously, the insanityof American's corn policy, which has already served its primary purpose of ensuring the reelection of Richard Nixon (who gave us the first big boost in corn subsidies) and George W. Bush (who gave us the second boost), is well understood, but it's worth pointing out that effective alternatives to corn ethanol already exist.

* I'm counting Peter Orszag as a nerd, but not Obama himself. Anyone that good at basketball can't be a nerd, even if he wears black sweatpants and white tennis shoes.
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