Monday, August 17, 2009

The Flowchart

There's a Better Flowchart! This page continues to be the #1 hit on our site for "Health Care Flow Chart". But there is now an Improved Health Care Flowchart with better numbers, and an explanation of what the public option actually does.

During the FDR 2.0 panel, an audience member asked Chris Hayes to give the condensed version of what the health care bills current under debate would actually do. He started his description by saying something like 'are you guys all familiar with flowcharts? ... right, we're all geeks here'. His description ended up being pretty useful. So for visual learners, I thought I'd make one:

Update: A previous version of this image incorrectly undercounted the number of Americans insured through Medicare or Medicaid. Donkeylicious regrets the error.

Update the 2nd: Continuing with regrettable errors, the final decision diamond was backwards, and suggested that rich people would get the subsidies. Obviously that's wrong. The current image is corrected.

Update the 3rd: Readers have made several suggestions. First, I replaced the FPL discussion, which is somewhat confusing, with actual dollar amounts. Second, I neglected to include the expansion of Medicaid to cover everyone earning less than 133% of the FPL. Third, I made the whole thing "granny-sized". There's a tension between producing something that can fit in a blog post, and something that's easy on the eyes of a sixty-five year old reader. So here's the latest rev. Click on the link for the full-sized image.

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