Friday, October 30, 2009

Minor Pelosi Highlight

In keeping with my agenda of turning this into a Nancy Pelosi fan blog, I bring you Meredith Shiner's reporting from the rollout of the House health care bill:
An anti-Pelosi activist started screaming into a bullhorn, "Nazi Pelosi! Nazi Pelosi! You'll burn in hell for this!" as she was announcing the plan, which includes a public option.

Pelosi, scarcely missing a beat, responded, "Thank you, insurance companies of America."

Her greatest skills are as an indoor politician -- working behind closed doors with her caucus to get just enough support for the most progressive option possible -- and she's often out of her element in front of a microphone. So I guess the sports highlight equivalent would be Shaq crossing somebody over on the perimeter and driving the lane.

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Ron E. said...

Or Shaq making 2 consecutive free throws....