Sunday, October 25, 2009

Post-Rapture Pet Care

Via Pam Spaulding, this is awesome. There's a network of atheists advertising their post-Rapture pet care services to Christians. Since the atheists will still be left on earth, they'll make sure your pets are being cared for after Jesus takes you to heaven. They really should develop the web site a little more and have photos of the atheist pet caretakers for each location.


रामकृष्ण गौतम said...

Gud.. 10 on Ten!

Unknown said...

oh my god. I am so well qualified to be one of their representatives.

Unknown said...

I emailed Bart Centre, the owner of this pet rapture service and told him that I was Christian and it was my understanding that it is illegal to sell a service which you believe that you will never have to deliver. He became very angry and emailed me a note with a link for me to connect to. He said the link was his “lawyer” He lied.

It was not a link to a lawyer at all it was link to a picture of a sex toy molded in the shape of Jesus the Christ. Keep in mind this guy Bart Centre does not know who I am nor whether I am 15 or 50 years of age. Shame on him. He does not have Christians best interest at heart and he is a dirty old man, in my opinion.