Sunday, October 18, 2009

Reefer Gladness

In a victory for rational policymaking, the Obama administration is telling federal prosecutors not to go after people who use marijuana for medical purposes in accordance with state laws.

Polling on the broader issue of marijuana legalization is interesting. A Gallup survey done over the first half of this decade showed a pretty big gender gap among people under 50, with men opposing it only 52-44 while women oppose it 65-34. It's rare to see a stereotypically lefty issue where a big slice of the male demographic is 23 points left of women. I'm not sure what's going on there. Maybe moms (including otherwise reliably liberal single moms) are especially nervous about their kids smoking pot?

One big thing you see in all the polling data is that people are more open to legalizing marijuana than they were in decades past. The time is ripe for folks who don't give off a dirty hippie vibe to stand up for some form of legalization, moving the Overton window to where it's respectable enough that people who run for office can support it without too much risk.

In related news, Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams (who proclaimed that marijuana was 10 times better than Paxil for his social anxiety disorder) is running for more than 5 yards a carry this season, with zero fumbles. Keep it up, big guy.
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