Thursday, November 12, 2009

American Chemistry Council: Chemical Manufacturers, Not Scientists

Nicholas Kristof's column mentions pro-Bisphenol A comments from the American Chemistry Council. The name made me a little curious, as my father (who has a Ph.D in chemistry) is a member of the American Chemical Society. We would occasionally have American Chemical Society junk, like magazines and such, lying around the house. The ACS is the chemists' trade association, and if they said that Bisphenol A was okay, I'd be inclined to trust them.

The American Chemistry Council, of course, is a totally different group, formerly called the Chemical Manufacturers' Association. According to Wikipedia, it's "in charge of improving the public image of the chemical industry." I guess they realized that their former name was worse for getting people to quiet down and enjoy their Bisphenol A.

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Stephen said...

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