Friday, October 8, 2010


The latest hotness on Facebook is Groups. What you use these for, I'm not sure. But in a stroke of genius, Facebook has decided that anyone—including people with public profiles—can add you to any group, public or private. To spell out how dumb this is, suppose that the Boy Who Likes Pink is on Facebook, but he carefully keeps his profile private. His friend, however, doesn't keep his profile private, and adds BWLP to the group "people at my high school who like pink". And then badness ensues.

Thankfully, some merry pranksters have started pointing out the folly of this arrangement, so my guess is that Facebook will fix it in relatively short order. But this is at least the third time they've made the same mistake. Between tagging in posts & photos, checking other people into places, and now groups, Facebook seems to be almost willfully ignorant of the potential for really terrible misuse of public associations.
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