Friday, September 7, 2012

Deep Thoughts: Marijuana Edition

Sometimes I wonder if the Democrats are sticking with a bad position on marijuana legalization because they want the Ron Paul bloc to stay intact and remain a headache for Republicans.


limnrix said...

It's enough to encourage all sorts of contrary conspiracy theories, like that some official economist has determined that we will all starve if too much land is turned to cannabis cultivation, or there's just too much benefit to law enforcement in cahoots with organized crime. Nothing seems to make sense.

low-tech cyclist said...

I think it's just that the Dems are afraid to appear soft on drugs, because they know how it'll be used against them.

And frankly, marijuana just isn't worth taking a stand over. Climate change, yes. Medicaid, yes. Jobs, Medicare, Obamacare, Social Security, absofuckinglutely to all. A woman's right to choose, definitely. Gay couples' right to get married, surely. Making sure workers are genuinely free to unionize? Damn straight.

And I can keep on going with that list for a good while before I run out of issues more important to take a stand on than marijuana. No conspiracy necessary.