Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This Time, It's Personal

Like Kevin Drum, this year's election is unusual in that my family will be directly impacted by the outcome in a way that is far more concrete than "my tax rate will go up or down" or "there is a slight increase in the probability that there will be greater funding for mass transit that trickles to my metro area". My mother is in her sixties, and is probably in worse health than Mr. Drum. She's uninsurable in the current individual market. If Obamacare reaches full implementation, she'll be able to buy a policy on the individual market instead of paying through the nose for the Federal high risk plan (she lives in Georgia, so of course there's no state-level high risk plan).

If Mitt Romney is elected, some or all of Obamacare will be delayed or rolled back, and she'll be waiting until age 65 for an affordable insurance option. So in this election there is a clear choice.
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