Friday, July 17, 2009

Why Do Other Senators Let Them Get Away With This?

I can see why everybody wants to position themselves as the decisive swing vote on major legislation -- in this case, the six Senators pushing for a delay on health care reform. It's the ticket to being a major power broker and having other people offer you lots of goodies for your vote, as well as getting big centrist cred from influential media outlets. What I can't understand is why their colleagues let them get away with it. If Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson get into the finite stock of goodies available for being the decisive swing votes, that means that Blanche Lincoln and Claire McCaskill don't get as much. But if the McCaskills and Lincolns of the world have ever retaliated against the Nelsons of the world for stealing their ration of Centrist Cookies, I've never seen it.

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