Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stupak Answers To Stupak Questions

This is probably a time when people are wondering what we can do about Bart Stupak, whose anti-abortion amendment is going to be debated on the House floor. One thing: call your Congresscritter and tell them to vote no! Beyond that, there's the hope that this dies in conference, as Nick mentions in the last post. I don't think it'll make it into the final legislation. Maybe we can entice Snowe to vote for the conference report by killing Stupak's amendment and ceremonially offering her its first page on a platter.

But maybe you want to hear about primary challenges! Well, here's Bart Stupak's district, MI-1, consisting mostly of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. It's a fairly conservative district with a PVI of R+3. Last general election, he won 65-33. Time before that, he won 69-28. It doesn't look like the most promising territory either for a primary challenge or for any kind of Scozzafavaing.

Stupak's wikipedia page says, "Stupak is considered a possible candidate for Governor of Michigan in 2010." I don't know how serious such consideration was, but this should end today. His amendment is the kind of thing that should effectively disqualify you from winning a statewide primary. That, at least, is a consequence he can face.

Considering the events of today in general, the offensive/delightful video for Amanda Palmer's "Oasis" seems like the appropriate way to end this post. Health care reform is about to pass the House! But really bad stuff happened! But good! And, abortion!

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