Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bonus Obama Caption Contest

"What's that? You need a face-saving compromise now that you've realized the rest of your block of votes is more interested in health care reform than sticking it to poor women? Sure, I can help you with that."


Lester Freamon said...

Obama: I pinky-swear it
Stupak: No backsies!

corvus said...

OK, Nick's caption can't be approved upon, but, I will just say, as someone who has been livid towards Stupak and pro-life Dems in general since the beginning of this process, I almost forgive everything just for that camera cut from Hoyer to Stupak, and his following attack on the vote to recommit. That was an expert bit theatre on the part of Hoyer, and really, a potentially dangerous act for Stupak, since it seemed to singlehandedly eliminated all Republican "support" that he had been accruing.

I guess in the end, he really wanted it to pass. I had always thought he just wanted to kill it. I kind of respect him for going for going for a face-saving maneuver that changes nothing and allowed him to vote yes. There was a bravery in what he did. I don't respect the ultimate reason that the act was brave, but it was still brave, and bravery is something that, in any of it's forms, I can't help but respect.