Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How To Tell If Space Aliens Are Visiting Earth

Some people are getting excited about the dead body of a supposed alien which has been found in Siberia. I was hoping that after the story we'd see the off-topic brutal anti-immigrant sentiment common among Yahoo! commenters -- "Deport the aliens!" But instead you get a mix of UFO people getting all excited and rational people pointing out that it's pretty threadbare.

What would be good evidence of aliens having crash-landed on Earth? I'd be impressed by some awesome new alien technologies being discovered among the wreckage. Any species that could get over here should be toting stuff that would look like an iPad in 1970. Obviously if there's a dead alien, we should be able to examine its internal alien parts too.


chris said...

You've heard about 'ancient astronauts' right?

a genre of scifi that hasn't yet had good works come out of it. If i were wanting ot be a writer, i'd write a universe with that.

big bad wolf said...

i was disappointed neil. i was hoping this was a new paper, like your girlfriend proof :)