Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GOP Has Lost Real Americans with Gamer Values

One of the first big splashes I made in the blogosphere was to riff on Kung Fu Monkey's observation that more people in America play World of Warcraft than are employed in farming. This somehow made it into Paul Krugman's blog at the New York Times, through some very convoluted trail that Brad DeLong managed to catalog.

Which carries us to the news that Colleen Lachowicz, a Daily Kos diarist who was attacked during her campaign for being a member of a World of Warcraft guild, won her campaign for a State Senate seat in Maine. It's going to be hard for Republicans to compete nationally if they're unable to connect with voters who have the kind of traditional American values exhibited by people like Ms Lachowicz.

EDIT: it's worth noting that even though WoW's subscribership has dropped to 9.2 million, that's still over four times the total employment in the agricultural sector.

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