Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Important Tip: How To Make The New Facebook Suck Less

If, like me, you have a problem because the new Facebook layout, combined with SXSW, has laid bare the fact that many users' Tweets are now part of your status feed—pity the poor person who's Facebook friends with Ana Marie Cox—and that frequent Tweeters can make it nearly impossible to see updates from Everyone else. Sadly, there's no way to tell Facebook not to send you the updates people make via Twitter. But, you can at least push the Tweeps of your home page, which Twould be, twerrific! Here's how it's done.
  • Go to the Friends tab.
  • Make a New List. Put all of your friends in the list except for the pigf***ers who overuse Twitter.
  • Go back to your Facebook home. In the left hand column you should see you your new friends list. If not, click the topmost "More" chevron.
  • Drag it to the top of that list, so that it's above the thing labeled "News Feed".
  • Refresh the page. The column full of status updates should now exclude the pigf***ers who overuse Twitter
And Chris Willman has this whole saga about right.

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dr said...

I think Facebook has done whatever things do now that jumping the shark has jumped the shark. The question is, where will the social networking move to? Craigslist is my darkhorse guess, but maybe we need some kind of online social networking that doesn't require a portal.