Monday, May 11, 2009

Heisenberg's Senator

Having the next two days' talks at USC and Arizona to prepare for and little knowledge of the relevant issues, you're not going to see much from me on the blizzard of health care news that has come out today. For that you'll just have to read Ezra and the various people he's in dialogue with.

I am, however, quite amused at Arlen Specter's recent announcement that he in fact is open to a public health care plan, a reversal of his earlier view. It's like he's Heisenberg's Senator -- it's impossible to know his position and which way he's going at the same time. Right now I'm happy with his position, but I have no idea where he's going next.

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drip said...

The political physics of it are, as you suggest, Heisenbergian. His position changes in the act of being observed.