Friday, May 8, 2009

The Voyage Begins

I'm about to start on a big adventure where I fly around the world giving talks on my philosophy research. All is funded by my benevolent employers at the National University of Singapore, under whose auspices I'm presenting two papers at a total of 10 US and UK universities over the summer. I should be airborne in six hours.

This means that blogging will probably be unpredictable for the next ten days or so (during which I present papers at USC, Arizona, Miami, and Tennessee). Maybe I'll sign up for one of those wireless-in-every-airport plans and get lots of blogging done! Or maybe that won't work out and I won't. In any case, if I don't post much, don't worry that I've fallen to the dread swine flu.

Update: My schedule is requested! Here's where the Moral Naturalism Project is taking me:
May 9 - Fly from Singapore to San Francisco
May 12 - Fly from San Francisco to LA for USC talk on 12th
May 13 - Fly from LA to Tucson for University of Arizona talk on 13th
May 14 - Fly from Tuscon to Miami for University of Miami talk on 15th
May 17 - Fly from Miami to Knoxville for University of Tennessee talk on the 18th
May 19 - Fly from Knoxville to Austin
June 1 - Fly from Austin to Chicago. Illinois State talk on the 4th and Illinois talk on the 5th.
[Now things get a little hazy. I have some free time between talks and I'll probably go somewhere on the Eastern seaboard for a few days but I don't know where.]
June 9 - Fly to London for King's College London talk on June 10. Chill at Oxford for a while, maybe Edinburgh. Return on June 19 or so.
[More haziness. Hopefully somehow involving girls.]
June 20something - Fly to Grand Rapids for Calvin College talk and subsequent Michigan talk.
Early July - Visit DC
Rest of July - Hang out with family in SF, or wherever they might be at the time.
Late July / Early August - Fly to Seattle for Puget Sound talk
August 5 - Fly from San Francisco back to Singapore


Brock said...

Could you post your schedule, Neil?

Daniel Ahkiam said...

Are these correct details for the LA one: Tuesday, May 12, 4 pm, MHP 102 @ USC?

I might make this one...

Neil Sinhababu said...

Yeah, that's the one, Daniel! I'll be giving a talk on the Humean theory of motivation and Humean views of practical rationality.

At some places I give my defense of universal hedonism. But I thought the Humean talk was better to give at a place where Mark Schroder might show up.

corvus said...

Have fun on your trip, Neil!

Stentor said...

What time is the UofA talk?

Neil Sinhababu said...

11 AM. I'm flying out in the wee hours of the next morning, so there may not be much hanging out time. But let me know if you're up for hanging out late at night and I'll see what I can do... I don't plan to go to sleep.

dr said...

Hey, I assume you've got plenty of friends here in Ann Arbor, but if not shoot me a line and I might buy you a beer.