Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jon Huntsman Chooses China Over 2012

I was wondering whether Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman was thinking about running for the Republican nomination. He'd staked out a bunch of moderate positions, and there was some chance that he'd try to drive to the nomination through the sane people lane, avoiding the crazy people traffic jam where the Palins and Jindals and Mark Sanford types are all honking at each other. It's not like there's much of a sane people vote in the contemporary Republican Party, but if 10 candidates are fighting over 80% of the voters and you've got the other 20% to yourself, you have a shot. It's not a great shot, because as candidates get eliminated the anti-sane-people bloc ends up uniting against you. But there are circumstances in which it could work.

Anyway, he's now Obama's envoy to China, so that becomes somebody else's meager opportunity.
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