Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Supreme Head Fakes

Ezra points out that we're basically seeing an oppo dump against Sonia Sotomayor, poured through the keyboards of Jeffrey Rosen and Richard Cohen. Maybe I've been watching too many NFL draft tactical gimmicks, but it seems to me that a nifty White House strategy would be leave minor hints that Sotomayor is under serious consideration for the next several months. Let the far right demonize her more and more, and then, boom! It's Elana Kagan. Or somebody else who ruins a big Republican investment in demonizing the wrong judge. Which is not very nice to Sotomayor, I'll grant, but assuming that we get a really good judge out of it I hope she'd be happy.


drip said...

OK. I like how you're thinking. It's way better than my plan: Nominate Morris Dees; watch Jeff Sessions' head blow up; get another nomination out of the process due to Dees' age; and soften up the country for Sullivan, MacKinnon, or Sotomayor.

Unknown said...

Or, as my friend Darryl suggests at HominidViews, no matter who Obama nominates, he can assure a confirmation by "leaking" that his second option is Bill Clinton.